Eating Less Meat is still too hard


of global greenhouse-gas emissions

is caused by Animal Agriculture, twice as much as the rest of the food sector


less land

required for a plant based diet than a meat-heavy diet, alleviating concerns about future food security

Industrial-scale animal agriculture

is linked to antibiotic resistance, health issues, cruelty, and pollution

Yet, while 30-40% of the population in Europe and North America say that they want to EAT LESS MEAT, there is still no meaningful change in meat consumption.

Our Mission:

Make it Easy & Enjoyable for Non-Vegetarians to Eat Less Meat

This is why: It was about 2 years ago, a lovely dinner with friends. I wouldn’t even remember it, but I had just decided to eat less meat for environmental reasons. And here I was: sitting at another restaurant in London where I could eat meat, fish, or mushroom risotto. I ordered fish, a compromise between my enjoyment and my new aspirations. But I was pissed off. I didn’t want to eat fish and I knew that it would be better for the environment if I didn’t eat it. However, it was too much of a sacrifice to have my 4th mushroom risotto that week. All it would have taken was even a hint of creativity in the vegetarian dish. Something that would have given me a reason to want it, something other than the fact that I didn’t want any of the other dishes.

The main thing we have learned in the 2 years since that evening is that lots of people want to eat less meat (~40% of the population), but not quite as many (~5%) want to make it their Number One Priority.

What these people (us included) want to do is:

eat with friends
stay within their budget
have a special experience
try something new and creative
order food

AND THEN, IF all of the above is possible without eating meat or specifically asking for vegetarian food, they’ll be very happy to have that experience the veggie way.

You may ask: Isn’t that really easy to do already?

It is - if you are at the right restaurant. But unless you make ‘vegetarian’ your number one search criteria, you are unlikely to end up at one.

  • As of 2017, 9 of the Top 100 Restaurants in London list NO vegetarian main dishes on their a la carte menu.
  • Another 41 restaurants on that Top 100 list have 1 or 2 vegetarian main dishes, giving us very little or no choice if we want to eat plants that day.
  • There are Japanese and French restaurants with great vegetarian food, where you really wouldn’t expect it. And there are Indian and Italian ones without. You just never know.
  • Some of the best vegetarian food is hidden on vegetarian menus that you’ll never know about, unless you are willing to specifically ask for it – and be called a vegetarian

What is our answer?

More Than Carrots helps diners to learn about vegetarian food. We encourage them to explore new options, provide guidance at the right moments, and highlight the options diners are most likely to enjoy. All within environments they already visit (i.e. not asking them to ‘go out of their way’).

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