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We are your ‘travel guide’ for exploring sustainable food in London

Eat Less Meat Starter Kit

You start with our starter kit:


Some Guidance

We’ve summarised our favourite content from months of reading & researching so you can make your choices faster.
You remain in the driver’s seat, but you’re setting yourself up for success!

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We’ll introduce you to some delicious food - without the meat.
Check out our Instagram to know what kind of food to expect!


Bespoke Options

We build you a bespoke list of lunch options to explore near your home or office.
Enjoy the adventure without the trial and error.


A Recipe Book

We love this book.
Given to us as a gift, we've put it to good use ever since. It's both practical and inspirational.
And we love how it integrates the low-meat concept with vegetarian recipes.

Once you’ve set your direction, we’ll be there to recommend restaurants, books, events and products that you’ll enjoy.


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For £30 you receive a book, food vouchers with a value of £16, a personalized list of vegetarian lunch options near your office and the More Than Carrots Guide.

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N.B. For now ...only available in London :)