How it works?

  • Why use this list to compare restaurants?

    Maybe you eat a lot of meat and want to cut down. Maybe you’re a part-time veggie who doesn’t want the label. Maybe you’re heading out with a group of mates who don’t all eat meat.

    Some restaurants are better than others at offering interesting, tasty veggie options. We’ve analysed and rated hundreds of them - so now you can easily find a restaurant with something meat-free on their menu that’s right up your street.

  • What do the ratings mean?

    Great meat-free choice and variety
    Check menu first: good options, but fewer of them
    Avoid for veggie: limited choice and variety, won’t tempt a meat-eater

    We perform systematic menu analysis that is based on the number of veggie choices you will find, the variety of options within these choices (i.e. making sure that they are not all carbs-based or all salads), and their accessibility to non-vegetarians (i.e. whether you have to ask). These ratings are not based on our opinion. We have not visited all of these restaurants. A couple of examples:

    • A restaurant with a green rating will have several vegetarian main dishes and will offer something for every taste bud, with both lighter and more filling options. You won’t have to decide whether to eat no meat OR no carbs. And you definitely won’t have to ask for a vegetarian menu.

    • In a restaurant with an amber rating you will find interesting veggie options and a reasonable proportion of the menu will be vegetarian. However, this category includes restaurants with smaller menus or tasting menus. Some of them might list vegetarian food on separate menus (and you’d have to ask). We suggest to check their menu first to make sure that what they serve suits you.

    • Restaurants with a red rating may have no vegetarian mains at all, or they have very few with little variety. We are not suggesting that the options they do offer aren’t tasty. However, we wouldn’t go here with a group if you need to accommodate vegetarians. If you are a meat eater, it’s unlikely that you’ll be tempted into eating veg here

  • Which restaurants are included?

    • Only restaurants with a Google rating of 3.5 and above are included to ensure a high quality standard.

    • Our database includes restaurants of all price points. Any restaurant can offer great veggie options – from Michelin-star restaurants to your corner eatery.

    • We are currently building our database. Restaurants that aren’t on the list may just not have been analysed yet. Please fill in this form if there are specific ones you’d like us to analyze.

    • We generally do not include vegetarian restaurants.

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