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Flat Three

Unique feels like the best word to describe the food at Flat Three. Go here if you are looking for a foodie experience and be delighted and surprised by ingredients, tastes and quality that are hard to match. Our hosts got excited about hosting an event with us after one of their trips to Korea, because it allowed them to introduce our guests to a number of entirely new and exciting ingredients. We cannot ‘box’ their style into any specific cuisine. Some of it is inspired by Korean and Japanese flavours, other bits are European. Every dish is expertly designed to celebrate its ingredients.

Go here for a tasting menu, plant- or meat-based, and pair it with either their carefully picked wines and sakes, or their equally beautiful infusions and juices. You won’t be disappointed.



Notting Hill


W11 4UA




Open today from 18:00 to 21:30


Average cost of a main dish is £14-21

The Venue

Flat Three is just the place for that special evening. The neon sign says it all ‘Eat Here’, inviting you into the beautiful, somewhat hidden space that lies beneath. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design - pairing the best with the best just never fails. The quiet and relaxed atmosphere is equally perfect for a 1-on-1 conversation or an inspired night out with friends.

“Every single dish was unique and special. I really enjoyed this menu and the whole evening.”– Simon

“These beets are so delicious. You can’t miss this dish.”– Franziska

“It had never really occurred to me to eat less meat but this experience has opened my eyes and mouth to what I have been missing all this time.”– Megan

Our Hosts: Juliana & Pavel

Owner & Head Chef

When we asked Pavel about his plant-based menu, his first comment was about his suppliers who gather and grow the ingredients with as much love and passion as he takes to prepare them. A vegan himself, he takes pride in surprising his guests with the unbelievable things that can be done with vegetables. For his guests, he also prepares meat and, while we haven’t tried it, we can attest to it smelling and looking delicious.

Juliana is the perfect host. Flat Three is her passion and it’s very personal: the name originates from the ‘Flat Three’ in which she lived when she and Pavel established the concept for this restaurant. She is on top of every last detail to ensure that the experience for her guests is nothing short of perfect.

Trust this team to take your taste buds on a truly delightful journey.

Favourite dish:

Soymilk, peas, celeriac & pine oil

>carrots at Flat Three: Head Chef Pawel at work


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