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Mandira is London’s only fresh yoghurt bar, bringing savoury yoghurt from Turkey’s Aegean Coast to Covent Garden. The concept is quite new for most of us - we usually associate yoghurt with sweet dishes.

So what is it and when would you have it?

Mandira’s yoghurt bowls make an excellent breakfast, lunch or snack. They are filling, but light savoury meals that are served with fresh vegetables or fish. The Mandira team transforms a handful of these natural, fresh and healthy ingredients into blissfully delicious treats by using just the right mix of herbs and spices.

They do also sell sweet bowls and we highly recommend these for breakfast, dessert or as a snack. And you can get Simits! (The sesame bread that looks like a bagel but tastes better.)



78B Long Acre






Open today from 07:30 to 19:00


Good for a quick meal

Average cost of a main dish is < £7

The Venue

A nice little light-filled space, Mandira invites you to sit down and relax while enjoying your yoghurt bowl with coffee or a fresh juice. It’s an informal cafe-style shop with a very friendly team who’ll always be happy to chat and explain their menu. Make sure you pop in when you’re next in Covent Garden!

“Soooo delicious!”– Victoria

“I don’t usually love wine leaves, but this combination is amazing. The grapes make this dish.”– Sonica

“I would never have found this place and I’ll definitely come back. I’m so glad I came to the event!”– Mutlu

Our Hosts: Deyvi & Georg


Deyvi and Georg started Mandira in June 2017 and you can find them in the shop every day. Using Deyvi’s family recipes and typical dishes from his region, they gave their creations a little twist to modernize them for us Londoners.

Mandira caters to anyone on the lookout for healthy food with fresh ingredients, a great coffee, or a trendy place to sit down and enjoy. We are excited they they are bringing some of the less well known Turkish food culture to London.

Favourite dish:

Stuffed Vine Leaves & Grapes

>carrots at Mandira: Mandira Founders, Deyvi & Georg

Sounds good?

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