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Our vision is a world where humans eat as much meat as we can produce without disrupting the planet’s balance or harming animals.

How much meat is that?

As an approximation: in the UK, we currently eat 1.8kg of meat per week on average. The global average is about 1kg per week. Yet, animal agriculture uses 83% of global farmland, while providing only 18% of calories. Some methods of Animal Agriculture are great for conservation and More Than Carrots is completely in favour of such. However, we want to contribute to reaching a sustainable balance.

It’s difficult to predict how much meat will be sustainable in the long-term and what will be a good balance, partly because our options are constantly changing. Maybe one day we’ll eat mainly lab-grown meat and we can eat as much as we want without causing any damage. However, for now, that kind of meat isn’t available at scale and it’s not clear yet how long it’ll take until it can be produced in a cost-efficient way.

With technology being where it is, it’s an undisputed fact that the amount of meat we currently eat is unsustainable.

It would be a great start for Western countries if we did not consume more than the global average. This means that, on average here in the UK, we’d need to cut down our meat intake by about 50% to about 1kg per week, or 150g a day.

Our Goal

Diners who want to eat a more sustainable diet can opt into the More Than Carrots “feature” within other food apps where you select your food to have it delivered or pick it up, or where you book restaurants. We don’t shy away from meat replacements (if they taste good!) and will recommend dishes with new ingredients when they are available. We don’t aim to make people vegetarian. We aim to enable you to follow a sustainable diet while using mainstream food apps.

What does that look like?

Do you know that moment when you’ve just watched a documentary or read an article about the environment and you feel this urge to just

You can then go to our website, check who our partners are, and activate the More Than Carrots feature in their apps. That way you’ll be shown delicious and sustainable options whenever you make a food choice.

Once activated, you can easily see in your interface which restaurants offer the Best Choice for Veggie and what they’re good at. You get tips with new dishes to try, or dishes that we believe you’ll like. If you like the occasional nudge, you can also get regular reminders to try new veggie dishes.

This allows you to make sure you get the nudges when you need them – and to try lots of veggie dishes to find your new favourites.

Why are we doing it this way instead of building a new app?

In the last 2 years, we have learned that a lot of people are aware of these issues and will eat less meat, but simply don’t have the time to go out of their way to do it. We all eat several times a day, so convenience is key. We need information about what the best options are when and where we make food choices and that involves wanting a delivery, making a booking, or just looking for a quick bite to eat.

More Than Carrots is a start-up and we don’t have the resources to build all of these apps. More importantly, these app all exist already! Other companies are doing a great job at enabling bookings, delivering food or negotiating vouchers for you. We want to focus on helping you find the best vegetarian food.

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