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What can you expect when we say ‘vegetarian’?

We use the standard definition that food can be called ‘vegetarian’ if it doesn’t contain products for which an animal had to die.

There is one caveat: one of our main goals is to make eating less meat easier and eventually encourage more people to eat less meat. We include restaurants that prepare both non-animal and animal products. We understand that for some vegetarians as well as users on a Halal or Kosher diet this isn’t sufficient. If you need to ensure that none of the utensils that were used to prepare your food have touched any (particular type of) meat we recommend that you still check with the restaurant as well to ensure that it is officially labeled ‘vegetarian’.

We have checked with restaurants and are doing our best to ensure that everything we label as such is in fact vegetarian or vegan. However, menus change quite often and we generally recommend that you double check again with your waiter. If you do come across a dish that we have labeled incorrectly we would very much appreciate if you let us know.

We are a start-up and this product is very new

Please hang in there if something isn’t working as expected, we would really appreciate your feedback and ideas if that’s the case: