Dear >CARROTS Followers,

We keep being asked how you can best help us. It seems like a good time to give you a more personal update again. You can only help us if you know what we're doing :)

Reminder: which problem are we trying to solve?

Most of you know. I (Annette) decided to eat less meat and initially failed. Like probably most people, I thought that I just wasn’t motivated enough. But then I had this moment of “Hang on – I AM motivated enough – there must be something else”. Turns out that there is: ~30% of the population say that they want to eat less meat, yet total meat consumption is NOT going down. That is sad if you consider how good it would be for the planet if most of us ate less meat. It's also frustrating for the individual and it seems unbelievable - how hard can it be to eat less meat?!

What is our answer?

People only stick with new eating habits if we enjoy our food and if we can identify with our new habits. My problem was that the products I found when I started to care about meat were targeted at vegetarians or vegans. They are great – for vegetarians or vegans. More Than Carrots is for people who simply want to eat less (and higher quality) meat. So that's our brand, in a nutshell.

On the product side, we tried a number of things: a restaurant search tool, events, our Starter Kits. All our products are designed to showcase the most enjoyable and exciting veg food.

Here is why: When I started, I had lots of poor experiences with boring food. I almost gave up because of it. What kept me going was that I couldn't figure out WHY it was difficult to eat less meat. I got so intrigued by the question that I decided to try and answer it. Eventually, my diet became more enjoyable than ever before, mainly because I explore more options now, and also because I avoid junk. Reaching that point was not about me changing. It was simply how long it took me to find all the information I needed to enjoy a diet with less meat. Not all of us should have to eat as much shitty vegetarian food as I’ve eaten before knowing where to find the good stuff. It seems like it should be easy. You may not even be aware how tricky it is. I challenge you: try to not eat meat or fish at lunch for an entire week and you'll realize that falafel sandwiches dominate the lunch scene more than you'd ever have thought..

What are we doing next?

Continue making Our New Starter Kits absolutely awesome. The idea behind these is to give you everything you need to get started eating less meat and enjoy it. It's just a more fun way of doing something you want to do already. (If you don't want to do this already, we may not be for you.) Those of you who already tried the Kits described them as Exciting, Surprising, Convenient and Lovely. Thank you for that :)

We’ll also keep organizing some events. We want to showcase the best veg or low-meat food out there and connect you with the chefs who create it. A lot of chefs are buying into the idea of eating less meat. They watch all the same documentaries we watch. However, they need to run businesses and ultimately have to serve what we order. If we keep ordering the bacon, they'll keep serving it. They are excited about More Than Carrots!

So , how can you best help us?

1. If you like the Starter Kit idea, buy one, for you or a friend. (The value of the products inside exceeds the price of a kit). More sales help us connect with more restaurants.
2. If you don’t like it, email us and tell us why :)
3. If you REALLY like us, tell your friends about us so they can follow us

We hope this was useful and look forward to hearing from you!