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Eating Less Meat is easy, right?

Is that your experience? It wasn’t ours.

It was about 2 years ago. No special occasion, just a lovely dinner with friends. I probably wouldn’t even remember it, had I not decided just before that I wanted to eat less meat for a number of reasons. That new idea made the dinner memorable, because here I was: sitting at another restaurant in London where I could eat meat, fish, or mushroom risotto. I ordered fish, a compromise between my enjoyment and my new aspirations. But I was pissed off. I was not craving meat or fish, I didn’t even want it. I knew that it would be better for practically everyone in the world if I didn’t eat it. But it was too much of a sacrifice to have my 4th mushroom risotto that week. All it would have taken was even a hint of creativity in the vegetarian dish. Something that would have given me a reason to want it, something other than the fact that I didn’t want any of the other dishes.

The main thing I have learned in the 2 years since that day is that, for most of us, eating vegetarian food needs to be as enjoyable as eating meat. Otherwise we won’t do it. Yes, we are motivated. Yes, we understand all the arguments. But another mushroom risotto – for God’s sake, no! And we also don’t want to ask for the vegetarian menu. We’re not Vegetarians. We’re HUMANS. We just decided to eat mainly vegetables.

More Than Carrots is meant to help people like us. It seems silly to accept that eating meat is so often the easier, the safer, or the less boring option when there are so many good reasons for eating less meat.

What is the problem More Than Carrots is solving?

It’s surprisingly difficult to figure out which non-vegetarian restaurants will offer a variety of vegetarian dishes and where to find the tastiest vegetarian food.

Some things to consider:

• As of 2017, 9 of the Top 100 Restaurants in London list NO vegetarian main dishes on their a la carte menu.

• Another 41 restaurants on that Top 100 list have 1 or 2 vegetarian main dishes, giving us very little or no choice if we want to eat plants that day (not to mention that most of those dishes contain cheese).

• There are Japanese and French restaurants with great vegetarian food, where you really wouldn’t expect it. And there are Indian and Italian ones without. You just never know.

• Some of the best vegetarian food is hidden on vegetarian menus that you’ll never know about, unless you are willing to specifically ask for it – and be called a vegetarian

In short: unless you come well prepared, dinner can put you in an awkward position, or results in you eating the meat dish once again.

What is More Than Carrots?

It’s a restaurant review site, with a plant-based twist!

• We’ll make it easy to identify the restaurants with large vegetarian variety and the most creative vegetarian dishes

• Our users can rate the taste of vegetarian dishes at the restaurants: meaning that at least you’ll know whether that one dish is worth trying

• And we let you toggle the ratings between the ones from people who like meat, and those who don’t. Which will allow you to predict much better whether YOU will like it.

Who is behind More Than Carrots?

2 entrepreneurs, Annette and Charlotte, and a very supportive group of friends and family

Annette Burgard

• the protagonist in the story above

• until very recently: an oblivious meat lover

• with a family history in hospitality and food/drinks

• can’t live without sampling lots and lots of new food all the time

• hates cooking --> hence the need to find great restaurant food

• Does she like the taste of meat? Absolutely!

• When did she last eat meat? Probably last week

Charlotte Downs

• a nerdy designer (yes, our logo looks like a carrot!)

• grew up on a farm and loves to explore the origins of all the meat she comes across

• self-taught front-end developer

• marathon runner and slightly obsessed with nutrition

• Does she like the taste of meat? Not really…

• When did she last eat meat? Do insects count? Then yesterday. Otherwise a couple of years ago

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We always love your feedback. Just reach out to us at feedback@morethancarrots.co.uk.

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