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Your diners want a better diet. Help them discover the best dishes or restaurants with More Than Carrots.

Vegetarian food is often presented in ways that work great for people who have decided to avoid eating meat. Rarely is it presented in ways that tempt a meat eater to try something new.

We encourage diners to explore vegetarian food - to find the options they enjoy and integrate them into their diet.

For choosing restaurants: we created a framework that allows us to rank any list of restaurants by the quality of their veggie offering. We use an algorithm that considers taste, variety and creativity of the vegetarian food.

For dishes: some dishes are ‘ok’ and some really tempt you. Taste is only secondary, because unless a dish is presented in a way where it gets ordered, nobody will ever know what it tastes like! We can help with that.

Why is that important?

While 40% of the population would like to eat less meat, the majority of them don’t want to make it their Number 1 Priority

The question they want answered is not “Where can I find the best vegetarian or vegan food?”

They want to inspiration, reminders and guidelines within the environments where they choose their food. They want to know which of the options they are considering (e.g. of the restaurants that deliver to their home) is the best for eating veggie.

Your diners are looking for a better diet. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in helping them get there.

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