Food is not a religion.

We believe eating needs no label
to be enjoyable, sustainable & beneficial

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Tip 1: Read the options that aren't meat or fish

>carrots blog: tip 1

Seriously, just start reading them for now. You’ll never order [...]

What is a Sustainable Diet? Our Opinion on a Tricky Subject

>carrots blog: what is sustainability?

A recently recommended book triggered this discussion at [...]

What We Actually Do & How You Can Support >carrots

>carrots blog: how can you help?

We keep being asked how you can best help us [...]

Exploring Anita’s Kitchen: an exception, we cooked!

>carrots blog: Anitas Kitchen

One of the steps in our journey towards eating less meat has been [...]

Book Review: The Ethical Carnivore

>carrots blog: Ethical Carnivore Review

We recently met Louise Gray, the author of The Ethical Carnivore, a meat-eater [...]

Cookbook Review: The Part-Time Vegetarian

>carrots blog: Part-Time Vegetarian Review

If you are looking to eat less meat and aren’t sure [...]

Building New Eating Habits: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

>carrots blog: new eating habits

Have you ever tried to change something about your [...]

Can I eat less meat but still mock vegetarians?

>carrots blog: can I eat less meat but still mock vegetarians

About two years ago I decided to eat less meat. It sounded like [...]

Don’t Miss Out on Seasonal Trends

>carrots blog: seasonal trends

Great news! The mushroom risotto days are over (for now). It’s summer [...]

Vegetarian tasting menu at the Ledbury

>carrots blog: vegetarian tasting menu at the Ledbury

This is a personal story from earlier this year that I’ve been meaning [...]

Is Restaurant Cuisine the “Real Cultural Deal”?

>carrots blog: food culture

When exploring the restaurants in London or any other big city [...]

About Us – Our mission and values

>carrots blog: our mission and values

More Than Carrots helps curious foodies to enjoy and maintain a [...]

Mandira London: What's not to love?

>carrots blog: Visit Mandira London

I loved my first yoghurt bowl at Mandira. It was rich, unexpected and [...]